What are Neon Signs?

Neon signs are often associated with the billboard lights that we see across the town in different shapes and sizes.

But what really is a neon sign? It is a very basic device that uses a tube in various diameters, producing a radiant self-emitted light. It contains a rare gas which could either be neon or argon, or any other inactive gas at a low pressure. Neon gas is so bright giving off a red glow while argon light is weak because of its reduced resistance. Argon usually comes in yellow, blue, green, white shades.

Putting an increased voltage most often at a thousand volts, makes the gas shine radiantly. When the electric current is turned on, the tube glows with a constant fiery light. Neon signs are made by the art of bending glass tubing into various sizes and forms. The tube size or diameter is computed in millimeters and usually measures from 8-11 mm for indoor signs purposes and 12-13 mm for large indoor, outdoor signs and channel letters. It is easier to bend smaller neon tube sizes into written pieces but are not as obviously seen from afar. Bigger tube sizes are apparent from a distance and are more useful in brightening store front letters. However, large tube signs are less radiant and cannot be easily made into small written applications. A person skilled in this art is called as a glass bender, neon or tube bender.

Neon signs are usually made to advertise for hotels, bars, casinos and entertainment places.

Neon signs are light-producing tubes give shape to multi-colored lines in which a word or group of words can be written or a graphic picture is illustrated. These may include a number of decorative designs to be especially used for advertising and commercial signage such as pubs, restaurants, casinos, hotels, etc.. By designing the desired series of switching parts on and off, endless possibilities of changeable, lively light objects and images are created.

Neon signs, since its invention in the 1900s have long provided commercial establishments with marketing edge. It presented a marketing breakthrough since a retail business needs something more than a nice location for it to bring in target clients. Neon signs have proved to be eye catching, cost-effective device that make a business stand out in a teeming commercial area. It attracts people to take a good look at what your establishment has to offer. It may also even beautify a room or den of your own home. Hence, neon signs capture peoples mental focus twenty-four hours a day. It lets customer know that you are open, have an automated teller machine (or ATM) or any service you can think of.

Most of them are easily recognizable at night, in radiant, fiery lights and even during daytime. Creative computer graphics and technology in neon signs work together along with the Internet. It provide quick interaction between customer and producer in terms of actualization of the desired concept.

Cost of neon signs are usually based on the size and number of neon characters. The larger the design, the larger letters and graphics. Each neon sign contains gases that glow when electricity passes thru them. The different gases control the color of the sign.

The Different Types of Gases for Neon Signs
  • Neon - Red
  • Argon - Blue
  • Helium
  • Xeon
  • Krypton

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