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Count on Bright Neon Signs to help you turn your idea into Neon reality. Let your business or bedroom "glow" with a multitude of Custom Neon Signs. Design your custom neon sign right online with our editor and in roughly 3 weeks you will have your neon sign delivered to your doorstep. We are one of the nation's largest neon sign manufacturer and have been making neon sign since 1985! We really are your ultimate source for affordable custom neon signs made in the USA.

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When it comes to signs for your business, upgrade your party or cool home decor, nothing beats a brightly glowing Neon sign. You see them everywhere and its warm glow, from windows and bar rooms, demands your attention. We carry a full assortment of business signs for all types of display use. Our Neon Open Signs for Sale and our beer signs are the most popular. Regardless of your tastes, our wide selection of sports signs will surely fit the bill. Choose from NBA, NFL, MLB and College neons. Bars or pubs, small business to corporate, dorm rooms to game rooms, our neon signs are guaranteed to get noticed.

Rock On Color Red Neon Sign
19" Wide x 15" Tall
Retail Price: $289.00
OUR PRICE: $189.00
Stay Cute Neon Sign
14" Wide x 9" Tall x 2" Deep
Retail Price: $199.00
OUR PRICE: $159.00
Neonex 9k Volt Neon Power Supply
Standard for Most Indoor Neon Signs
Retail Price: $99.99
OUR PRICE: $59.99
Outdoor LED Open Sign
27" Wide x 11" Tall x 3" Deep
Choose Your Own Colors
Retail Price: $479.99
OUR PRICE: $429.99
Love Me Neon Sign
37" Wide x 20" Tall x 3" Deep
Retail Price: $499.99
OUR PRICE: $399.99
Extra Large Square Neon Open Sign
37" Wide x 20" Tall x 3" Deep
Choose Your Own Colors
Retail Price: $399.99
OUR PRICE: $359.99
When Pigs Fly Neon Sign
19 "Wide x 15"Tall x 3 "Deep
Retail Price: $329.00
OUR PRICE: $229.00
Move me Neon Sign
14" Wide x 7" Tall x 1" Deep
Retail Price: $199.00
OUR PRICE: $129.00
Boom! Neon Sign
17 "Wide x 14"Tall
Retail Price: $289.00
OUR PRICE: $189.00
Pow! Neon Sign
17 "Wide x 14"Tall
Retail Price: $289.00
OUR PRICE: $189.00
To Beer or not to Beer Neon Sign
19" Wide x 15" Tall x 1" Deep
Retail Price: $299.00
OUR PRICE: $189.00
We See What We Want Neon Sign
10" Wide x 10" Tall x 3" Deep
Retail Price: $199.00
OUR PRICE: $139.00
Music Records Neon Sign
19" Wide x 15" Tall x 1" Deep
Retail Price: $299.00
OUR PRICE: $199.00
Open Mind Neon Sign
10" Wide x 14" Tall x 1" Deep
Retail Price: $199.00
OUR PRICE: $139.00
Let's Stay Home Neon Sign
10" Wide x 10" Tall x 3" Deep
Retail Price: $199.00
OUR PRICE: $129.00
Neon Open Signs, LED Open Signs and Lighted Open Signs that Exceed All Expectations!
Every business owner must let their shoppers know when they are open. This is why we carry over 100 amazing Neon Open Signs for every imaginable business model. From plain open signs made with real genuine neon to Neon Open 24 Hours Signs we have it all. Some of our most popular designs are the Neon Drive-Thru Open Signs and of course we have open signs for any type of business advertising. Let our experts in Bright Neon Signs give you a hand !.

Custom Neon Signs, Custom Neon Lights, Custom Lightbox Signs and Custom Backlit LED Signs that Create an Impact!

When it comes to choosing the perfect display for your business, it pays to do your research to see which form of advertising is the best for your buck. There are certainly many options but in the long run, our custom neon signs can last a lifetime and add thousands to your bottom line. Putting your business logo in lights with your own colors and designs can impress your visitors and gives a personal touch. Perfect for gifts or to mainstream your franchise. Increase your return on investment with a genuine hand bent neon sign customized just for you.

Sports Neon Signs, NFL Neon Signs, NBA Neon Signs, College Neon Signs and so much more.

We have also created a lineup of Neon Sports Signs that perfectly match a persons favorite past time! Look for our top of the line Neon NFL Signs. We have a huge assortment of authentic neon lights from the NHL to the NBA. And for the college sports junkie look no further than our complete line of real Neon College Signs. From Florida State to Southern Cal, our college logo neons are perfect gifts for loved ones and look even better hanging in college dorm rooms or fraternity and sorority houses nationwide. Don't forget our pool, golf and one of our best sellers, the Casino Neon Sign. We even have a line of neon clocks for your enjoyment! Give us a chance and you will have us fulfill all of your sign needs!

When you choose your design or upload your own logo, we can customize and make it a reality. There are many backing options available and even you can install it directly into your bedroom wall ! Be part on the new decoration trend, with Neon Sign Text, in every room of your house.


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