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Custom Made Neon Signs - Personalized Neon Signs

Every time you look around, you found yourself surrounded with hundred of messages, advertising efforts and other ways of distraction. On this digital age, we still trust our eyes, and Custom Neon Signs are the best way to capture your potential customers attention.We understand you're looking around for the best way to increase your customer base, and to spread your message across the board. Bright Neon Signs experts will work with you to make sure your Custom Neon sign fit your needs. Bright Neon Signs specializes in custom neon signs, to give your Neon Sign the flare and high-end finish touch you are looking for. Use our Neon and LED Lights to send the perfect message.We always go the extra mile, to turn your idea into “Neon reality”.

For many years, Neon Signs have provided the nostalgia and vintage appearance, everyone craves for. Allow our Custom Neon Signs to capture the attention of every customer,or even a guest in your home.

Use our online custom neon sign designer and order your custom neon lights today!

Design Your Own Custom Neon Bar Sign and show it proudly, to all your friends and family.

Use our Custom Neon Signs for Wall Decor, or create an awesome Custom Neon Sign for Man Cave.

For your business, Bright Neon custom neon signs can let customers know where you are, what you offer, and help them remember your better. They are an excellent option to clearly stand out from the competition.

Every day you try to find new ways to advertise your business, or just remind everyone, you still around giving you customers the best service. Sometimes you need to remind your boss, your dad, mom, family member or "partner in crime",how special they are.Allow our Custom Neon Signs help you in that matter. Whether you are in need of 1 or 1000 custom neon signs, we can create the perfect sign for your needs. We can design your custom neon sign or you can send us your own artwork (graphics, logos, ideas, etc). A single proof is provided free of charge before you place your order. Personalized Neon Signs based in your ideas.



Every business needs an identity which is why owners spend a small fortune on ad agencies to create their brand. From the logo to the marketing materials, every business demands attention. Advertising is not cheap in today's hustle and bustle. TV spots, radio, newspaper and yellow page ads cost tons of money and it never ends. Month after month of spending can add thousands to your budget and whats it for? In the end, its to get noticed. You can do this with a custom neon sign that features your brand in neon lights! Not only that but a custom neon sign can draw more attention, increase traffic and its only one price, one time. A custom neon sign will last you 10+ years and deliver more bang for your buck than any other form of media. Design your own or choose from 300+ custom neon sign designs.

When you choose your design or upload your own logo, we can customize and make it a reality. There are many backing options available and even you can install it directly into your bedroom wall ! Be part on the new decoration trend, with Neon Sign Text, in every room of your house. Personalized Neon Signs.

1. Choose the size of your sign

The size of your sign really depends on your design, logo or artwork unless you are doing text only. Below are our most popular sizes. All are perfect for 1 or 2 lines and the larger sign is great for 3 lines. We just want an idea of how big or small you want your custom neon sign to be. The maximum size is 72" and must be shipped via freight truck on a pallet.

2. Send us your ideas

When it comes to creating the perfect custom neon sign for our customers, it always starts with you! We want your input so feel free to scratch your ideas on paper and fax them over or send us a picture or logo via email.

3. Choose your colors

When it comes to colors, we have exactly what you are looking for to create that perfect neon sign. Pick from 12 different colors and watch your custom neon come to life!

4. Choose your font styles

We have a nice selection of different fonts that look fantastic in neon lights. Select from block type fonts or script types, or send us your font choice too !

5. Review and approve your proofs

After we get your input we will put our graphic artists to work to create your custom neon sign proof. At this point, we will email you a proof for you to approve before placing your order. At this point you can also request color and font style changes before your custom sign goes into production.

6. Place your order

Now that you have your proof and are ready to place your order, simply place your order online, call us and place your order over the phone (800-928-6008) or download our order form and fax it over. Once we receive payment we will get started on your brand new custom neon sign!

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