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LED Flex Neon Signs

As an alternative to Neon Signs, we can offer another approach to be able to spread your message, logo or idea.

LED Flex Neon, is made of a plastic polymer, capable of transmitting light and flexible enough to integrate many organic lighting applications.

LED Flex Neon consist of LEDs encased within a PVC protective casing. This shape allows for the even disbursement of light and produces a consistent light effect similar as traditional glass neon fixtures.

LED Flex Neon, is a product that simulates the effect and look on traditional glass Neon Signs, adding also an impact resistant feature.

Available Colors are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Purple and Pink .

This product represents a reliable and versatile alternative for Applications looking for an exposed neon effect using regular 110V outlet.

Let our design experts, find the perfect solution for your idea. We can customize any logo,message, or text.

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